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Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is a crucial legal document, valid while you’re alive, allowing you to designate someone to manage your financial and legal matters if you become unable to do so. This authority can only be granted while you’re mentally competent. 

With an EPOA, your attorney can: 

  • Sell your home or manage your share in a property 
  • Sign your income tax returns 
  • Access your funds 

It’s a simple, cost-effective, and stress-free solution for most folks. 

Having an EPOA in place is vital before any crisis occurs. It’s important to note that an EPOA specifically addresses financial and legal affairs, not healthcare matters. 

Real Estate Transfers and EPOA 

An EPOA prepared in BC is versatile and can be utilized for real estate transactions if you can’t be present at our office for document signing on the Completion date. 

However, some mortgage companies may have restrictions on using a Power of Attorney to sign mortgages. It’s advisable to seek approval from the mortgage lender beforehand if you intend to use the Power of Attorney for mortgage signing. 

Additionally, we offer the service of preparing International Power of Attorney documents, commonly used for legal matters in other countries. Our goal is to ensure your legal affairs are handled seamlessly, even across borders.