NW Notaries + Lawyers



Making a Will is one of those tasks we often place on the back burner. However, with NW Notaries + Lawyers, the process is quicker and simpler than you might imagine. 

Our legal team is experienced in creating Wills, and we promise a fast, straightforward, and stress-free experience. Once your Will is in place, you can rest easy, knowing you’ve prepared for whatever the future holds. 

We take the hassle out of making a Will. Whether your affairs are simple or more complex, our preparation service ensures your Will is both valid and tailored to you. The process? You pop in for your initial meeting to provide instructions, then return for a second appointment to sign your Will. Before the second meeting, we’ll send the document to you for review. 


Choosing an Executor is critical when making a Will. The Executor manages assets and settles the estate. It is important to carefully consider who you will appoint as your Executor, and we advise having an alternate person in the event the first cannot act for any reason.  


Creating a Will also allows you to appoint a Guardian for your minor children. It’s crucial to discuss this with your chosen Guardian(s) beforehand. We recommend naming an alternate Guardian in case the first choice is unavailable.