NW Notaries + Lawyers

Selling a Home

Once you’ve reached out to our office with details about your home sale, you might be curious about the next steps. Here’s a breakdown of what happens: 

  1. Receiving the Contract: Your Realtor sends us the Contract of Purchase and Sale. 
  1. Checking Title: We do a title search to make sure you can provide a “clear title” to the Buyer. 
  1. Sorting Mortgages: We obtain mortgage statements from your mortgage holder. 
  1. Adjustments Review: We get the Sellers Statement of Adjustments from the Buyer’s notary or lawyer, checking payments, and adjustments for property taxes, municipal utility charges, and strata fees. 
  1. Sending You Docs: Before our in-office meeting, we will send you all the necessary documents for your review. 
  1. In-Person Meeting: We meet with you, usually a few days before the Completion date, to go through and sign all the closing documents. 

Special Note for City of New Westminster Real Estate Sellers 

If you’re in New Westminster, we handle closing your electrical account with the City. We set aside funds, settle the final electrical account, and return the remaining balance to you. No need to reach out to the City – we take care of it. 

We’re here to make the process hassle-free, and if you have any questions, just give us a shout.