NW Notaries + Lawyers


We’re here to assist with notarizing a variety of documents, including: 

  • Affidavits 
  • Statutory Declarations 
  • ICBC forms 
  • Insurance Proofs of Loss 
  • Probate documents 
  • Travel Consent letters 
  • “Still Alive” pension declarations 
  • Invitation letters (in English) 

It is important to note that there are certain documents we cannot notarize, so please let us know the type of document you have when scheduling your appointment. For instance, we don’t witness Wills or Powers of Attorney documents that we haven’t prepared. Additionally, we cannot witness any Land Title documents not prepared by a lawyer or BC Notary. 

Certified True Copies 

We provide certification for copies of original documents. Just bring in the original document(s), and we’ll make true copies for you. Unfortunately, we can’t certify documents downloaded from the internet, but we can assist by preparing a Statutory Declaration you can sign, stating where you obtained it. 

Travel Consent Letters 

For minor children traveling alone, with one parent, friends, relatives, or a group, the Government of Canada recommends notarized letters of consent. Typically, the parent(s) staying behind need to have their signature(s) notarized. Bring the unsigned completed form to your appointment along with your identification. 

Letters of Invitation 

If someone is visiting you in Canada from another country, their country may require a Visa and a notarized letter of invitation from you. Check the Government of Canada website for details on what to include in the letter. Bring the unsigned completed form to your appointment along with your identification. 

Please bring identification – 2 pieces are required: 

  1. A primary piece, like a valid and current BC Driver’s License or Passport. 
  2. A secondary piece, such as a credit card from a major financial institution or a BC Services Card.