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Welcome to NW Notaries + Lawyers – your go-to team for notarial and legal services that fit right into your everyday life. We’re all about keeping things simple and providing top-notch service in:

Real Estate Transactions and Mortgage Refinancing

Dealing with the ins and outs of real estate and mortgage matters can get tricky. Our legal team is here to make it easy. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, our team is looking out for your interests and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Estate Planning

Let’s talk about securing your family’s future. We get it – you’ve got a legacy to protect and assets to keep safe. Our team is all about crafting down-to-earth estate plans, wills, and trusts that reflect your wishes and keep your loved ones covered.


Accuracy and authenticity are our top priorities when it comes to notarizations. Our committed legal team is here to provide prompt and reliable services for all your notarization needs. You can trust us to get it right! 

At NW Notaries + Lawyers, we blend expertise with a commitment to delivering exceptional service. Allow us to guide you through your legal journey, ensuring your rights are protected, and your expectations are not just met but exceeded. Your peace of mind is our top priority. 

Ready to explore our services further or have questions? Feel free to reach out — we’re here to help!  

Our Services


Wills  Making a Will is one of those tasks we often place on the back burner. However, with NW Notaries + Lawyers, the process is...
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Selling a Home

Once you’ve reached out to our office with details about your home sale, you might be curious about the next steps. Here’s a breakdown of...
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Representation Agreements (RA)

A Representation Agreement is a specific planning document tailored for BC residents. It grants authority to your chosen representative to handle your personal care and...
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Real Estate Transactions

Whether you’re buying or selling, our team is prepared to offer the best service.  We diligently triple-check the title to your new home during the...
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We’re here to assist with notarizing a variety of documents, including:  Affidavits  Statutory Declarations  ICBC forms  Insurance Proofs of Loss  Probate documents  Travel Consent letters ...
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Mortgage Refinancing

If you’re planning to take out a new mortgage on your home, we can help! Our legal team have crafted mortgages and secured approvals from...
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Buying a Home

Navigating the path to homeownership can feel overwhelming. But don’t stress — our legal team will make the process easier.   Preview Your Documents at Your...
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